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What IS Walk N Talk Therapy? 

Whilst sitting in a counselling session with a client, the client asked a question that would change how counselling sessions would be offered to all future clients. The question was:


"Can we get out of here and go for a walk? I feel so much more comfortable walking and talking." 

Walk N Talk sessions are just as they sound. They are counselling sessions held outside the psychologists office. Currently these sessions are offered in locations across the Sutherland Shire including Cronulla and Engadine as well as locations in Revesby, Picnic Point and Padstow.


Clients have advised that they often feel more relaxed in the less formal surroundings of the great outdoors. This enables them to open up more freely and to feel a greater connection to the therapy session.


Each session is tailored to the needs of the clients including the distance travelled and the pace of the walk. Like regular therapeutic sessions with a psychologist, the sessions are 50 minutes in duration. We ask clients to set the pace of the walk which enables clients to feel more in control of their sessions.


The team of psychologists at Walk N Talk Therapy have all worked in the local area for many years and are familiar with the needs of clients. Myself and my team assist clients with the treatment and prevention of a wide range of mental health, general health, wellbeing and everyday life concerns for children, adults, teenagers, couples, teams and businesses. Our team are fully qualified professionals, registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and members of the Australian Psychological Society.  


Clients do not have to be mentally ill to make an appointment. All you need is the willingness to walk and be prepared to talk on your needs and concerns as we walk together.  In fact, many clients are mentally healthy but require assistance to facilitate change, function more effectively and unlock their potential to attain their goals. 


My team utilise evidence based counselling and therapeutic styles that have been shown to assist clients to reach their goals and achieve a sense of wellbeing.


If you require any additional information, Call our team today on 85811145 and we will be only to happy to help. 


Shona Cassell

Practice Owner/Psychologist

Walk N Talk Therapy.

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