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Fees and Rebates


$170 for individual Clients (Child and Adult)


$190 for Couple/Family/Relationship Counselling


APS rates for reports (contact for more information)


Clients may be eligible for a referral (fee free) if referred via their GP for Psychological Support Services and meet certain criteria - Please discuss eligibility with your Doctor


All sessions are approximately 50 minutes duration


Medicare: To be eligible for a Medicare rebate Clients will need a referral under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (Better Access) from a GP or Psychiatrist and a Mental Health Care Plan. 


Claiming your Medicare Refund: As an added service for our clients, Walk N Talk Therapy has the facility which enables us to process Medicare claims electronically. Medicare rebates can therefore be paid directly to your bank account without the need to visit a Medicare office. The rebate is usually in your account the next working day. The current rebate is $84.80. 


Health Insurance Rebates: Rebates are available from most health funds for psychologist consultations providing you have extras benefits coverage.  Please check with your Health Fund to ascertain your level of coverage and rebate amount.


Workers Compensation and CTP Claims: To receive an assessment or treatment under workers compensation you need to be referred by your G.P., an insurance company, your employer or rehabilitation provider. You will also need to have been issued with a claim number.

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