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Coaching is a service that people access when they feel that professional support in building a happier, more successful or satisfying life would be of value to them. Our team provides coaching services to individuals and workplaces. Our experience has seen our staff work with business executives, managers and individuals who are looking for assistance to grow and expand their current capabilities. 


Coaching psychology is about using the science of psychology in practical down to earth ways to support clients in creating their own success at work and in life.Coaching psychologists support clients by helping them set and refine their own goals for their own goals for personal success in life and/or at work and not by providing a specific set of answers.


The team at Keeping U On Track utilise strength based coaching as a means to assist our clients. Our team will constructively challenge the beliefs and assumptions our clients. This process assists clients to identify the obstacles and challenges their face that prevent them from reaching their full potential and finding and  and sustaining a satisfying life.

Coaching is suitable for executives, leaders or any one looking to extend themselves and reach their potential 

Additional Services include:

  • Report Writing

  • Resume Writing

  • Job interview Assistance

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